About us

Calvin Contractors is a South Australian owned and operated company. We specialise in premium solar installation, labour-hire and electrical services to both residential and commercial industries across the state.

Backed by over ten years of industry experience, our highly skilled labour force is committed to ensuring that each of our clients is met with premium service. We employ a professional approach, every step of the way. As a collective trade group, we pride ourselves on our passion for connecting and building partnerships with many trusted Australian brands across the nation.

Each member of our team holds a strong focus on communication and effective problem-solving. This results in a labour-hire team that is willing and ready to tackle any task. This ambition continuously leads us to deliver on safety, quality and production every time.

Why Choose Calvin Contractors

If you’re looking for premium contractors in Adelaide, look no further than Calvin Contractors. With years of industry experience and a commitment to providing our clients with premium solar, labour-hire and electrical solutions, you won’t be disappointed. Call the team today!

Working together & Building Partnerships

Solar Installation Experts in Commercial & Domestic

Skilled Labour force (Labour Hire) 3 P's, People, Performance, Provider

Trusted Quality Workmanship

Building and Constructing your future

CEC Accredited Installer

If you’re looking for a tailored approach, you can count on the Calvin Contractors team for all of your solar, electrical and labour-hire requirements. Contact the team today!

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